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Microsoft Bing adds new Deep Search generative AI feature

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Google expands video requirements for “Video mode” where video must be main content of the page

If your video is not the primary part of the page, Google will not show your videos in...

Google officially drops Mobile Usability report, Mobile-Friendly Test tool and Mobile-Friendly Test API

We knew this was coming and now these Google mobile tools are no longer available.

5 Excel and Google Sheets tricks every SEO should know

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New Google Search vacation rental rich result

This new vacation rental structured data comes with new Search Console and Rich Results reports.

Meta to launch Threads in the EU within weeks

The news comes just days after X's biggest advertisers boycotted the platform.

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Google will pay Canadian publishers $73m a year to keep news links in search

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How to build a resilient digital marketing agency in 2024

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Google patent describes how the Search Generative Experience works

This may be the first and only patent has related to SGE.

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Google Search Organization markup adds name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers

Google has updated the Search Console and Rich Results test reporting to support these new additions.

Google November 2023 core update rollout is now complete

The fourth broad core algorithm update of 2023 is now done rolling out.