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Google Ads API version 16 is launching

The updated Google Ads offers new capabilities and features to help track campaign performance more efficiently.

Google Ads’ ‘pushes’ Performance Max with new Call To Action

When setting up a new campaign in Google Ads, you may notice that the PMax card is not...

Google Analytics 4 updates Advertising workspace to simplify reporting

GA4 is introducing two dedicated spaces – one for marketers to track and analyze campaigns, and another for...

Google announces Performance Max updates – including Gemini integration

Advertisers can make use of the new features to enhance the quality of ad creatives and improve the...

Report: Reddit signs AI content licensing deal with Google

Reddit's Google Search visibility has exploded in recent months. Now the companies have struck a content licensing deal....

Google Ads offering businesses free consultations through Gmail pop-ups

Advertisers are concerned that the pop-up notifications within Gmail could cause confusion among their clients.

Experience a key factor during Google algorithm updates, analysis finds

An analysis of 50 sites finds strong correlations between features found on websites and Google algorithm update winners...

Google Ads finally resolves ‘Confusing Ad Text’ issue for most users

Users still impacted are advised by Google to upload new assets or edit existing assets using a different...

Google adds support for product variants and clarifies return fees

The new product variants has three new properties; hasVariant, variesBy and productGroupID.

Google Analytics 4 bug causes data gaps in reports

Data is missing in User Acquisition and Traffic Acquisition reports, specifically for dates before September 6.

Shop with Google AI launches for select users

This feature allows users to enhance their shopping experience by conducting product searches based on AI-generated images.

Will traffic from search engines fall 25% by 2026?

Gartner is predicting that users will seek answers from generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude rather than...

Google unveils Merchant Center updates to improve delivery times

Google will start applying minimum and maximum attributes for processing time across Shopping ads and free listings.

Google wants you to label AI-generated images used in Merchant Center

"Don't remove embedded metadata tags such as trainedAlgorithmicMedia from such images," Google wrote.

Google announces Misrepresentation policy update

Failure to comply with the updated policy could result in the suspension of your Google Ads account.

Google will issue advertisers credit refunds after overcharging error

The glitch impacted campaigns that ran within Display and Video 360 from July through to December last year.

Google hits back at report criticising the Privacy Sandbox

The IAB Tech Lab report claims that Privacy Sandbox could make it harder for brands to serve effective...

Report: OpenAI working on web search product

The creator of the popular generative AI tool ChatGPT may be working on a search engine to try...

Google’s new search experiences in the European Economic Area

Due to the DMA, Google has launched new rich results, aggregator units, refinement chips and flight results.

Featured snippets disappear from the Google search results

Did Google intentionally remove the featured snippets or is this a new bug?