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Google rolls out AI Overviews in US with more countries coming soon

AI Overview link cards get a higher click through rate than normal web search results but Google won't...

Google Search Console security update improves management of ownership tokens

You can now more easily see and remove which have access to your Search Console profiles.

3 underutilized Google Search Console reports for diagnosing traffic drops

Decode your website's traffic declines with GSC's detailed reports, covering device segmentation, search appearance and crawl stats insights.

Google issues search ranking penalties through manual actions

Check your properties within Google Search Console for manual actions to see if your were impacted.

Google Search Console recipe rich result report adds two new properties

Google added recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient and thus you may see an increase in warnings for recipe items.

Google Search turned off some event rich results

Google says you may see a drop in clicks and impressions for your event search appearance reported metrics...

Google performance reports updates how it counts clicks and impressions for job listing and detail pages

No changes were made to Google Search, this is just a reporting change.

Googlebot crawl rate tool is now gone

You can no longer set your desired crawl rate within Google Search Console.

How to link GA4 with Google Search Console

Combine the power of Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console data for a deeper analysis of your...

Google Search Console to stop reporting on product results search in performance reports

This e-commerce related search reporting will end next month, in January 2024, Google said.

Google officially drops Mobile Usability report, Mobile-Friendly Test tool and Mobile-Friendly Test API

We knew this was coming and now these Google mobile tools are no longer available.

New Google Search vacation rental rich result

This new vacation rental structured data comes with new Search Console and Rich Results reports.

Google Search Organization markup adds name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers

Google has updated the Search Console and Rich Results test reporting to support these new additions.

Google Search now supports discussion forum and profile page structured data

Google can show these as rich results in Google Search and Google also added new Search Console reports....

Google Search Console was down today

You may be seeing a 500 error when trying to access the tool. The post Google Search Console...

Googlebot crawl rate tool in Search Console is going away

The tool is going away on January 8, 2024 because Google says it is no longer useful. The...

Google Search Console experience and enhancement reporting bug

Google is working on a fix, this has no impact on indexing or ranking. The post Google Search...

Google Search Console adds robots.txt report

Google has sunset the robots.txt tester. The post Google Search Console adds robots.txt report appeared first on Search...

Google adds reports for learning video rich results

The reports are within Google Search Console's performance report, where you filter by search appearance. The post Google...

Google page experience report updated in Search Console

Plus the good page experience search appearance filter from the Performance report has been removed. The post Google...