Google testing blue visit button for search result snippets

These are really big and visible buttons that may encourage a higher click-through rate from the search results.

Google AI Overviews under fire for giving dangerous and wrong answers

Your Money, Your Life seems to not apply to AI Overviews. Google advises users to run with scissors,...

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TikTok debuts AI-powered ad automation tools

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Amazon: AI-powered ‘Performance+’ ads offer 30-90% lower CPAs

Amazon Performance+ automates campaign management and optimization to drive lower cost-per-acquisition based on predicted conversion rates.

Google Analytics GA4 shows real-time users in the last 5 minutes

Previously, GA4 only showed this metric over the past 30 minutes.

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Survey: Shoppers open to using AI search to discover products

55% of consumers believe generative AI search engines could make it easier to discover products and services.

Broad vs. deep expertise: How to decide which is right for you

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Bing Search outages since early this morning

Third-party search services that use Bing are also offline, including DuckDuckGo, ChatGPT Search, Copilot and more.

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Google Ads VP dodges questions on AI Search impact to publishers

Google's Shashi Thakur tells us that users love AI Overviews and click on links. But he has no...

Google is testing special snippet treatment for Reddit search results

This will very likely lead to even more traffic sent by Google Search to Reddit.

SEO job listings down 37% in Q1 – bad omen or blip?

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